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M2 "drives"
So, there's a "new" SSD drive around (for about 3 years now) called M.2 (M2) or NGFF (Next Generation Form Factor)

Go give it a read:
I feel uncomfortable using those. Just don't like the idea of it sticking out of the mother board. Doesn't make any logical sense and I will probably buy it though.
I agree there Bender. While it shouldn't matter if you're not throwing your rig around the house. (I'm lookin at you Ardent), it still seems odd to have a only a circuit board sticking up out of a slot. I think it's more the form factor being tall and narrow. My old sound cards and nic cards weren't much different, just longer....
As laptops and desktops get smaller and smaller, especially home theater and mobile gaming rigs the new M.2 drives will be a big plus in those markets now that costs have come down. But the technology has been around for along time in the enterprise market to improve drive performance, moving away from 6GB SATA connections to 8GB or even linked 16GB PCIe SDD connections.

Also the power use has dropped dramatically on PC parts.
I know someone that is running those. His computer can go from off to online in 7 seconds. I was impressed to say the least.

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