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The Division 2 Open Beta
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I've been playing a little bit of the open beta that's been going on this weekend. No bad overall. Some issues that are typical beat type things but solid connection to the servers. Hit boxes seem to be good. Animation and NPC interaction AI needs a little work. Saw 1 NPC walk through one that was on the ground being worked on by a medic. XD Oh well.
I'm not the kinda person that gets into the whole "immersion" thing. It's a game and I'm aware of the whole time. Otherwise I'd be bumping into the uncanny valley every few minutes.

If you liked the first one, this should be a good followup. There is still the bullet spongieness but not horrible. It's a bit easier to chew through the bosses' armor easier with soft points like ammo bags or such on their body.

The story takes place a month or so after the first game takes place and in Washington DC. The weapons have a nice spread as far as power and stability. I might give this game a go, but honestly, I don't have the time anymore for games like I used to. ;)

p.s. What's with the center justification? Is there a setting I missed? Thx!

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