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Merger with Justice League
As previously announced, Sweet Guild will soon be merging with Justice League.  Preparations are ongoing with Justice League GMs and officers to make sure all of us are taken care of.  Known details will be posted below this intro, and I will continue to update with new posts as information is confirmed.  If you have questions, please contact myself or Vio privately, and we will address them.  We will update this topic if additional items come up that need clarity.  Thank you for your patience during this transition.  There are a lot of features to Justice League to look forward to, and I think all of us will find the new opportunities satisfying!
Schedule: The merger is tentatively scheduled to take place after this week's crown reset, Monday, September 25th. We will confirm this date/schedule shortly.

Process: Justice League has setup new guilds to transfer us to. Each member will receive a guild invite in their in-game inbox on Monday. Most of us will go to Justice League 8 or Justice League 9 to start. Opportunities for transfers to higher ranked JL guilds will be available for top performers. Some of our top members that meet the requirements of the higher JL guilds will get the opportunity to be moved up immediately.

Requirements: To be in JL8 or JL9, nothing will change from our current requirements. 210+ crowns are still required weekly, and a minimal amount of participation in Guild Games/special guild events. Higher ranked Justice League guilds have more stringent requirements, including lifetime PVP trophy thresholds, and the use of a communication app called GroupMe. The app is not mandatory for JL8 or JL9 members; but, if you want to move up, you will be expected to download the app and setup an account (Vio and I have tested this app and it functions similarly to Line).

Rewards: JL1 through JL6 are consistent 10.5k weekly guilds, and high performers in guild games. If you are selected to go to one of those guilds, you will be expected to uphold that standard continuously. Beyond individual guild rewards, Justice League offers a wealth of game knowledge and resources. Experts are available regularly for individual queries (e.g. how do I beat a Solaris led beast defense), and weekly classes are taught to feature hero and team setups, rune builds, event dungeon tips, etc. Justice League is committed to raising the level of everyone's play, and all of us will be able to benefit immediately once we join in.

Other notes: If you receive an invite to a higher league, but do not wish to have the extra responsibility or requirements, that is no issue. We are all free to stay in JL8 or JL9 if we wish. If you decide to decline an invite, please advise me in a in-game mail or Line message, so that we can get another deserving member into that spot. We want to try and satisfy each member's wishes, as best as possible, and the most reliable way to do that is good communication. Do not hesitate to reach out to me or Vio if you have any additional questions.

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