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Invasion Dungeon 2, Shades Domain
This one is legit hard.

Currently i run it with Koros-Furnace-Astrid-Healer of Choice

1 revive pot and 2 energy pots

Rm 1  Purging Pyre with Koros
Rm2   Energy Pot>Siphoning Rampage
Rm3   Stinging Doubt Shade>Purging Pyre the Spirit Link next turn and finish.  Or Open with Purging Pyre and Taunt with Furnace. *this means Shade will attack*
Rm4   Energy Pot>Siphoning Rampage
Boss   Purging Pyre and finish as you can.

Be ready to use your revive in rm 3 or the boss room.  This is MUCH easier if you get Lily or Rocky in rm 3 but its predominantly Shade.

Also having a friends list full of stacked Koros' doesnt hurt either in a pinch.


In my experience Koros cannot 1shot the Shade.  So rm 3 is the hardest by far

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