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Guild Invasion!
Guild Invasion starts Thursday, September 14, 2017, at 3pm Central Time.  The full event details can be found here, but I will summarize the critical points below.

1) The event uses a new currency called Courage.  Every day, each member is given a set amount of Courage to use specifically to play event dungeons.  This currency will have no other purpose, and it does not slowly refresh like Stamina.  You can buy a limited amount of currency in the Event Shop, if you wish, but otherwise you are stuck with the daily allotment.  We will also have the possibility of earning extra courage if we complete certain event quests.  We will detail more on this aspect in future posts after the event starts.

2) Guild Points are earned only in the event dungeons that require Courage to enter.  Every room successfully completed in an event dungeon earns Guild Points.  Once enough Guild Points are earned by the entire guild, special event dungeons will be unlocked.  The only way to get access to these dungeons is if the guild earns enough points collectively!

3) Because of the two factors above (limited Courage, and event dungeons locked until the guild scores enough points), we want to make sure we maximize every event dungeon run.  We will post recommended teams for each dungeon in this thread soon after the event launches.  Please, unless you have been already contacted by me, DO NOT RUN THE EVENT DUNGEONS until you have seen the recommended teams posted here.  Wasted courage may lead to us being unable to access all of the event dungeons, and eventually, unable to claim the top prize.

4) 875,000 Guild Points are required for each guild to obtain the top prize, which will include a brand new rune called an Incineration Rune.  It comes 5* Legendary and has a new passive called Burning Touch.  We don't want to miss out on this!

5) There are also Event Tickets that can be earned during Guild Invasion.  The bulk of Event Tickets will get paid out at the conclusion of the event, and will be based on entire guild performance.  So we have plenty of reasons to work together to obtain the best possible prize!

If you have any questions, send me a mail in-game, or contact me on Line (ID: smashingsilver) to discuss.  We really need everyone to be very active this weekend, and working together with us.  If we can do this successfully, it will work out great for everyone!

More details to come...
First dungeon (Corrupted Front) is pretty simple, except for maybe the Boss Fight. Koros is a huge help here. You get credit for kills with fliers, so try to incorporate them if you can, but Koros can clean out the dungeon almost singlehandedly. Bauble is useful to heal, buff, and avoid debuffs which the enemy will hit you with constantly. In the final room, use Koros to take out Lily, and then the mushrooms can be cleared out easily afterwards.

The Aviary is an event dungeon that uses stamina. It doesn't give out Courage or Event tickets, but rather tokens for Ferno, Bauble, and Torchy. It also has you face Solaris, so you can get a good idea what she will be like once your summon her. This dungeon is relatively easy too. MK is good for taking out all of the Torchy-like enemies. Solaris can be frozen, so Valkin is a good option as well. You should be able to clean up on this dungeon with a variety of teams.

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