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Guild Games: June 2017
Hi everyone. Guild Games are back. Good luck and have fun!

The Guild Points for the Guild and Guild Members can be viewed by selecting "Guilds", selecting "Leaderboards", selection "Current Events".

Please post here with helpful hints and strategies.

Day 1:
1. Tough Choices: Repeatable
Win 4 PvP Raids to Unlock Secret Dungeons! 0/4

BONUS Guild Points:
Material Woods: 1 time Bonus for 3-Star Win: 500 Guild Points
Hero Handler: 1 time Bonus! You 3-Starred Heroes Journey 1,000 Guild Points

2. Classic Team: Repeatable
Win PvP with a Warrior, Tank, Healer, & Rogue! 0/4

3. High Performance: Repeatable
Complete or Quick-Loot 10 Dungeons 0/10

4. O.G. Heroics: Repeatable
Win Dungeons with Rogar, Willow, Yasmin, and Stone Fist! 0/5

5. Make it Rain: Repeatable
Spend Gold! 0/1,000,000

Scavenger Hunt:
(1/10) Bad Dog *1,000 Guild Points
Solution: Complete Chpt 1-4 Feral Alliance

(2/10) Lightbulb Moment *2,000 Guild Points
Solution: Collect or Craft 10 Light Evos

(3/10) On Holiday *3,000 Guild Points
Solution: Complete an "Island" dungeon

(4/10) Year of the Barbarians 4,000 Guild Points
Solution: Complete 12 dungeons with Balog and Abigail in your party.

(5/10) Build Me Up! 5,000 Guild Points
Solution: Equip 5 Heroic runes.

(6/10) To Grandmother's House 6,000 Guild Points
Solution: Run or quick loot 15 light-green forest dungeons.

(7/10) 2 Goblins Walk into a Bar 7,000 Guild Points
Solution: Run chpt 2-7, Pillar of Command with 2 or more goblins on your team.

(8/10) Animal Control 8,000 Guild Points
Solution: Kill 100 beasts. *run chpt 2-5, Lake of Slag = 14 beasts

(9/10) Healander! 9,000 Guild Points
Solution: PvP Kill a healer while having a healer on your team.

(10/10) Feeling off Color
Solution: Kill 50 enemies you are weak to by color. Expl: use yellow(light) vs purple(dark).
Thank you for this! Let's rack up some rewards!
Thanks. Let's do this!
Oh, yeah. Let's kick some butt!
For quest 8, Animal Control, 3-3 is another option (15 beasts). Will post more as I find them.

If you want to try your luck, 5-8 (Spirit's Rest) has 24 enemies. The last five are guaranteed to be beasts; the other 19 are a 50/50 chance to be a beast. Works out to 14 or 15 on average.

5-10 (Reflection Halls) costs 7 stamina, but has 26 enemies, and on average 2/3 will be beasts, which works out to 18. Not quite as good as the others on a per stamina basis.
Isn't 3-3 Bonechilled Quarry? I don't think there's any beasts there are there?
You're right; that was my mistake. 4-3 (Magma Fields) is the correct level for 15 beasts.
Thanks guys let's get some guild points:)
Guild Games are over!

We finished 47th. Nice job guys!
(06-20-2017, 04:28 PM)xVIOx Wrote: Guild Games are over!

We finished 47th. Nice job guys!

I'm in SG and we didn't make the top 50 :(

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