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Happy Birthday Cloak - BenderRodriguz - 04-10-2016

Hope you have a good one[Image: image.jpg?w=400&c=1]

RE: Happy Birthday Cloak - Duper - 04-10-2016

holey schit.

I.... wow.

I need an asprin ...

er.. Happy birthday Cloak ... it can ONLY get better. ^_^ ..thanks for setting the bar Bender! ;D

RE: Happy Birthday Cloak - Cptkook - 04-10-2016

That looks like a poster Deadpool would have above his bed.... sooooo creeepy

Anyway birthday Cloak!


RE: Happy Birthday Cloak - ALI3N - 04-10-2016

lol wow. You know Cloak wants that Poster...
Happy Birthday Bro!

beerchug beerchug beerchug


RE: Happy Birthday Cloak - FLAAAKKKK - 04-11-2016

After looking at that, I... I am attempting to stab out my eyes. You just can not un-see that.